I am lolita, plus size and geeky.
  • Ok so I’m assuming if you are following me you are one or all of three things either a Lolita, a geek or plus size and that’s why you need to know about this indie brand https://m.facebook.com/TrulyDarlingBoutique . Now I know most people aren’t really into indie brands especially some of those sketchy etsy ones ( you know the ones I’m talking about) but these girls are nothing like that, the pictures above are just some of the first pieces they’ve come up with and I’ve seen them up close and personal the eye to detail and the lace on these are to die for! And they have a print for everyone goth,classic or sweet they have something for you! Here’s the best part I’ve talked with them and instead of only making dresses for one type of girl their goal is to make dresses FOR EVERYONE. Are you larger than life or are super model petite? No problem! They’ve been studying AP full back shirring pieces to accommodate every girl who wants to be a Lolita because loves we’re all perfect! I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to write up an ad for them but these girls care so much about what they make it’s not about being popular or famous in the Lolita community for them they love the fashion and want everyone to enjoy it too! So please if you want something new and adorable but you don’t fit into CDC or the Wonder queen you got was practically falling off go to their Facebook page and check them out!!!

    Tldr; Go to https://m.facebook.com/TrulyDarlingBoutique because they are amazing and make affordable plus size/petite Lolita things!!!